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The Essense of urban ecotourism in jogjakarta start here
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 04 September 2010 20:20


Code River that edged the river water at the foot of Mount Merapi is one river that has particular significance for the people of Yogyakarta Special Province, particularly regional areas through which this Code River. With the spring that is in one of the active mountain in the world, the spring was used for irrigating rice fields in Sleman, Bantul and is used also as a source of drinking water.

River that divides this city of Yogyakarta in two historically provided the basis for the establishment of the kingdom of Mataram in Yogyakarta.

Due to this river comes from a very active volcano, the river is often flooded lava, or better known as the flood caused by the death of or hanyutnya precipitated in cold lava dome of Mount Merapi, as a result of the rains that occurred in the mountain region. flood of lava that can be ascertained will always occur if the existing lava deposits in the Mount Merapi exposed to rain, so the lava was flowing through the river drift and the code will cause a huge impact for residents along the riverbanks. Many houses were damaged or affected by flood washed away the cooled lava.

To anticipate the coming flood of lava, the city government has made along the riverbanks talud code existing in the area of Yogyakarta, and periodically dredging the river code using excavator

A. At a Glance

Code River is one time that divides the city of Yogyakarta. In the period of the 90s until now, much discussed by local, national, even international, for history, and activities. Code River is considered the community of Yogyakarta as the times are the water source comes from the foot of Mount Merapi. Therefore, for the people whose land passed by the flow of Code River, Code River of water has its own meaning. In the area of Sleman, the water used to irrigate Code River their fields, while in Bantul, Code River even water used for drinking water.
Judging from history, Code River is also a flow of time that is used to anticipate the release of cold lava from the eruption of Mount Merapi, if it overflows to the city of Yogyakarta. To avoid abrasion and at the same time, the government of Yogyakarta have made talud (river walls) and also to dredge the river Code basis.

In the 1970s, Code River relative can not be fulfilled used anymore because of household garbage. These conditions create a humanist, Y.B. Mangunwijaya or better known as Romo Mangun, was moved to create Code River be times beautiful, clean, and enjoyable. The first step undertaken by Romo Mangun was approaching, and hang the people who inhabit the banks of Kali Code, so as not to litter.
Romo Mangun was willing to stay on the banks of times to give an example to citizens about how to keep time. The result was Code River to be clean, beautiful, natural attractions and a pleasant location and cultural values, as well as economic citizens. Since then, many local tourists, national, international and enjoy the beauty of nature and visiting Code River. After the death of Romo Mangun, resident empowerment activities of Code River passed by the social activists who are members of Yayasan Pondok Rakyat. The foundation is also active in building a model village, as Badran, Tungkak, Kricak, and Sidomulyo, whose condition is similar to Code River.

A moment with it, the City of Yogyakarta is also active in providing support to the citizens of Code River and certain parties, the beauty of the preservation programs of Code River. Currently, the flood plain of Code River to be one interesting natural sights and beautiful to enjoy. Residents along the banks of times, from northern to southern tip incorporated in Code River Pemerti group also excited to continue to create Code River into the area clean of garbage by making the program "Zero Garbage in the river Code 2010". In the year 2010, with Zero Waste programs at Kali Code in 2010, citizens of Code River succeeded in getting the award Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) to the category of Net Program Kali (Prokasih) the longest.


Last Updated on Friday, 24 September 2010 21:32